Investment Preparation
We provide support, consulting from the beginning until the end, during the process in which the project comes to life. We help with the risk analysis and assessment, the calculation of the return of investment, and the process of choosing the appropriately competitive contractors.
Plan Monitoring, Cost Control
The created technical plans are always checked if they meet the requirements of all laws, if they are holistic. We also bring the attention to the commonly made planning mistakes.
Procurement, Tendering
The public procurement procedures which are for choosing the most appropriate contractor are conducted with the help of law experts, and we also provide legal advice during the whole process.
Investment Arrangement
As an invesment arranger, we latch on to the real work at an early phase of the project. During the construction we are constantly helping our client as their most trustworthy partner.
Technical Inspection
As a technical inspector, we are responsible for the professionalism of the construction, which is completed according to the accepted technical plans, for synchronizing the costs and the used materials and for the applicability of certified quality materials.