About Us

The H.Q.C. Engineering Office Ltd. was established in 2001 to organize public, local government, private and business investments, manage the phase of public procurement, full implementation and technical inspection of construction projects.

The provided construction management and independent engineering services broadly include the preparation, the engineering of investments, the phase of public procurement or tendering, and also a full technical inspection.

The course of tendering and public procurement procedures are handled by accredited specialists and economists.

Functions related to technical implementation and technical inspection are carried out by such highly educated engineers, who put a great emphasis on attending professional trainings to keep their knowledge up-to-date.

Our colleagues have great experiences in the legitimate and efficient utilization of the European Union financial resources.

The construction management references of our company are mostly consists of complex tasks, fulfilled by the coordinated technical inspection of 6 or 8 construction consultants. With our contribution several newly built public, educational and sanitary buildings have been constructed, historic buildings have been renovated or restored, and public utility investments have been completed.

The objective of H.Q.C. Engineering Office Ltd. is to make contact with its client as soon as possible, even before the birth of the first thoughts of the investment, creating a situation in which we can provide useful guidance to help with the preparation phase and prevent the occurring extra costs or missing deadlines.

We take every step according to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, under the supervision and certification of Bureau Veritas Certification Hungary.

Professional liability insurance is granted for our provided services by Allianz Hungária Insurance Company.


Tamás Horváth
Executive Director
Construction Investment Expert
Investment Manager
Construction Technical Inspector